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Re: [gpsstash] All the latest nonsense, including the term "Geocaching", and credits...

There was no "official" site, but the defacto "official" site was my site
(The guy in australia wasn't getting the submissions, everyone was sending
them to me).. I dont even know of any other geocaching sites at that time,
other than people's personal sites. (which still exist).... The defacto
"official" site now is Nothing is stopping anyone from
submitting caches to other geocaching sites (except this latest disturbing
thing about Jeremy trying to control the name "geocaching")... Nothing's
stopping anyone from making their own site with their personal cache data on
it, etc... Evidently, you just cant download it from and use
it on your site...

True, I dont even really care if anyone takes my data, publishes it, sells
it, etc. etc... I always just figure a GPL type license for everything I put
online, (thats why started whining about the history) and thats only for
something that I _REALLY_ care about... Otherwise, I figure it as public

the fact remains that is as big as it is, because at the
core, it is a great friggin site, and also because of the media attention,
and the feedback that media attention gets.. It grows that way.. I "turned
it over" to jeremy with maybe 200 active caches, now we've got at least
2000... in about 8 months...

I don't know Jeremy's perspective, really, but the way I'd figure it, if I
had the talent to create that type of site, I'd try to protect it also... It
helps to have a nice glossy centralized site for this type of game... I dont
particularly agree with shutting down people's personal sites with the word
"geocaching" in them though... That's bugging me... big time! if it really
happened, at least.... I heard it did... I'll go with that..

On the other hand, we could have just be a page of links to
the hundreds of individual, regional sites that might be required.... Where
do you submit a cache to then? Perhaps someone that gets around to adding it
to the site when he feels like it... One of the coolest things about the site is the live-ness of it... At this point, it's almost
completely automated... You can add a cache, and see visits the next day...
You can log a visit and have it appear instantly... At the worst case,
Jeremy shuts down the site, or tries to go and sell the database... wooo..
(I haven't met him yet, but I sincerely doubt it)... so in that case, all
the nay-sayers would be proven right, and guess what... we could still play
the game... we could still re-submit our coordinates and cache info to a NEW
site... big deal... If i'm missing something, someone tell me...

Mike Teague --

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"Geocaching", and credits...

> >The history described on has also bugged me a little
> >bit...... So what.. We have some ego's in this crap.. Call me
> >guilty... We want to be recognized for what we did do..
> Mike, it's not that I want to be recognized. When most people talk about
> the origination of this sport they talk about Dave and you. That's cool.
> The only reason I came out of lurking is because I felt an injustice was
> being done... and to be honest I was shocked to realize that I was the
> first to utter "geocaching"... I could've sworn it was someone else. But
> I have to be the one to step up and say "I was first" so that others can
> be allowed to freely use the name, I'll do it. While Dave birthed the
> original kernel of an idea it was immediately thrown into the melting pot
> of the 'net and the on-line GPS community at the time molded it
> collectively into what it became... essentially the original concept with
> few rough spots polished. Volunteers came forward and offered on-line
> resources to track and map coordinates. But there was no single
> "official" site, and that was part of the charm (IMHO). Once it became
> glossy and slick and people started assuming they had a "right" to place
> a cache anywhere they wished (even underneath postal boxes... yikes!!)
> I quickly went into lurker mode. Maybe I should've fought harder at the
> time, but to be honest I figured the site would die and it would return to
> a more subdued set of sites working together again.
> Woah... okay.... sorry about that... :-) Back to the original topic, I
> don't care who first came up with the term, all I know is that no one
> has a right to tell anyone else that they can't use it or the data that
> is on his site (he has no right to "protect" my cache data since I
> didn't submit them to him directly).
> Matt
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