Matt Stum <>
Sent: 6/2/2001 4:37:14 PM

Coining terms


In your "Credits" page ( you have
the following paragraph:

"In July of 2000, Jeremy Irish found Mike Teague's web site and found his first cache
outside of Seattle, Washington. Recognizing the potential of the game, Jeremy
approached Mike Teague with a new site design, coined the term Geocaching, and
developed a new web site adding virtual logs, maps, and a way to make it easier to
maintain caches as the sport grows."

I find this to be inaccurate and I hope you will make corrections so that the
history of GPS-based caching will be recorded accurately. In May of 2000,
I was the first to use the term "geocache" and "geocaching". The terms
were in common use by July of 2000. I am not claiming ownership of the
terms, and in fact recently declared them free for all to use without let or
hindrance (if I indeed have any such authority). I just wish the record to
reflect that it was not Jeremy Irish who coined the term "geocaching" as
that is in error.

I can provide references to Yahoo Groups discussion archives if you wish.

Thank you for your attention,
Matt Stum