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RE: [gpsstash] Please catch me up

And now that I look through the archives more closely, in message
62 I'm the first to use the term "geocaching" as well, based on Dave's
desire to have a term that could be a verb, a noun, etc.

So I guess if anyone could argue the rights to the term it would
be me. What a load of crap. I hereby declare the terms "geocache",
"geocaching", "geocacher", and all other derivatives to be in common
use, free for all to use without let or hindrance.

As for censoring the maps, the concept that anyone can "own" a
lat/lon coordinate is simply laughable... If that's the case, he owes
Mike Teague and I some royalties for the coordinates he originally
took from our databases... :-). Now, if he went to the trouble of
generating the map images himself and them someone lifted the
graphics w/o permission, he might have a case. But to say that a
map generated by the use of coordinates that *other* people put into
his database lacks any common sense at all.

This is the only "geocache" list I'm subscribed to, and I don't visit anymore, so these are all interesting developments
to hear about. How long has this lunacy been happening?


James H. Coburn IV wrote:
>Though Matt you are the one who invented the term GEOCACHE.
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>Oh, and as a footnote, game-founder Dave Ulmer used the
>term "geocaching" on 5/30/2000. There may have been
>earlier references to that exact form of the word, but I think
>it's ample proof that it was in use long before
>came along (which was registered nearly a year afterwards).