Matt Stum <>
Sent: 6/2/2001 2:54:07 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Please catch me up

>Most recently, Grounded Inc appears to be claiming some kind of legal right
>to the word geocaching. Whether copyright or trademark or what is unclear.

That could be a little difficult since he wasn't involved when
we all came up with the name. Some wanted to change "GPS Stash"
to "GeoStash" and I talked everyone into replacing "stash" with
"cache"... and the rest is history...

In fact, the yahoo groups archive conveniently proves it...
My first comment about using the word "cache":

A longer argument for "cache" which uses the term "geocache":

Unless Jeremy was under an alias, he doesn't appear to be
involved in the naming discussions. The terms were already
in "common use" before he came along.