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I can attest to this also. My Geocache (the first in Colorado) was put into
place in June of 2000 and the word written on top of the bucket and on the
log book inside is Geocache (not GPS stash, as I never cared for the term
"stash"). So the word was actively in use well before July 2000 by Jeremy.

I believe a review of the email archives of GPSstash will also show the use
of the term Geocache and Geocaching in discussions previous to July 2000.

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In your "Credits" page ( you
the following paragraph:

"In July of 2000, Jeremy Irish found Mike Teague's web site and found his
first cache
outside of Seattle, Washington. Recognizing the potential of the game,
approached Mike Teague with a new site design, coined the term Geocaching,
developed a new web site adding virtual logs, maps, and a way to make it
easier to
maintain caches as the sport grows."

I find this to be inaccurate and I hope you will make corrections so that
history of GPS-based caching will be recorded accurately. In May of 2000,
I was the first to use the term "geocache" and "geocaching". The terms
were in common use by July of 2000. I am not claiming ownership of the
terms, and in fact recently declared them free for all to use without let
hindrance (if I indeed have any such authority). I just wish the record
reflect that it was not Jeremy Irish who coined the term "geocaching" as
that is in error.

I can provide references to Yahoo Groups discussion archives if you wish.

Thank you for your attention,
Matt Stum

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