Sent: 6/2/2001 8:03:14 PM

Geocaching and whats to be!

I am new to this group of yours, and I do call it "yours" as most of
you seem to be the correct founding fathers of the sport of
Geocaching. I am glad that I was able to locate this group as it
takes much pressure off my shoulders when it comes to using the
word "Geocaching"
I refer this entire post to what has been happening in the Geocaching
website. With threats of lawsuits and banning popping up here and
there I feel it is time to get this straightened out once and for all
as to really who has the right or rights to use the word and or
name "Geocaching"

I am the owner of a site called Navicache located at and this has become an important issue to me for
the following reason...

I got into this sport in the early part of this year and thought it a
good idea to make a regional cache site so as to give cachers in my
area some News, park Information, local maps and do's and do not's
for this state. thus I created Navicache. At that time it was
called "Navicache...A Geocaching website!" I contacted Jeremy via e-
Mail to inform him of my site and to ask his opinion about it. I
thought for sure he would be friendly and give me a "pat on the back"
Instead I got an e-mail that read "Remove the word Geocaching from my
logo", I was shocked and upset at the same time. I had assumed that
Geocaching was a sport and I didn't think anyone could place a lock
so tight on a sport. As I have mentioned in other posts it was like
me and you owning two baseball teams and me telling you that you
could never use the word "Baseball"
Well my next step was to contact a family member that is a lawyer to
see where I stood. I was told that the way I was using the
word "Geocaching" was in a descriptive sense, and that my site was
not named Geocaching so there was no problem. But me being the kind
person I am and wishing to avoid any problems decided to remove the
word from my main page header. Jeremy never did have anything else to
say to me after all that, and not once was I ever rude to him during
this time. I e-mailed well over 10 more times offering help, cache
prizes which Included a GPS to give away on his site, links to
Geocaching and so on.
I was put on the news three times in this area, and in all three
cases I gave great mention to Jeremy and , Jeremy knew
of this as one segmant is even in his news links, but not once did I
ever get a thanks for helping promote the sport of Geocaching (not
that I looked for one)
I then added a forum on my site and to let people I had added to my
address book know of this, I made a group e-mail using what was in my
book. Well it so happened that the "lists" group from Geocaching was
in there by accident so everyone in that group got the message as
well. Now Jeremy decides to contact me again with this comment " I
hear you are trying to pull people to some sort of Forum you have on
a website, though it may not be Illegal it sure is not ethical"
So I think we all know my opinion of the great Geocaching leader.
It is my Intention to take the original posts made here showing where
the name came from and make public of them as well as submit them to
the copyright and trademark offices for review.
The good thing about when someone who threatens a lawsuit is you can
counter sue. The whole thing with Buxley really got out of hand and
this needs to come to an end.

Thanks for reading my babble