Sent: 6/3/2001 5:40:48 AM


Cache_Ninja, you are correct completely about the store fronts being
placed when the site first went up. But they were there only a short
time and also it was only while the site was unlinked to anything as
far as being public. But it was After! I removed all the mumbo-jumbo
and the site was pretty much as it stands now that he sent me that e-
mail about removing the word. Much of the earlier stuff was added due
to having three people setting up the site the way each wanted it, so
one a couple had been removed from this things settled fine.
So I might be able to see his point if this happened in the
beginning, though that is still wrong, after all he is not god to
decide what is right or wrong. But this all happened way after. the way it's good to see you here. How you been?