Sent: 6/3/2001 12:19:46 AM

To Matt and Dave!

To both of you guys I thankyou for your feedback and understanding of
the situation. I realize very well that this topic is getting older
by the minute and some people may well be tired of reading about it.
But without some sort of forced action nothing will change or be done.
Yes! I use the Geocaching site and yes I also believe that it's by
far one of the finest sites for the sport that there is. But I also
think that the reason it's so good beyond the others is that arm's
have been tied keeping other sites from going any further. And as for
Jeremy's site being in the news so much and getting all the
attention, where do you think that stuff comes from? Geocachers!
Most of the Information read in papers and put on TV comes from
cachers doing each's best to promote the sport to bring new blood
into the game. I myself Generated the newspapers and TV news in
upstate ny. And the first thing out of my mouth to the reporters
was "", where did that get me? "Take Geocaching off
your site" thats what I got.
Do I want to start calling the sport Navicaching and break it up into
multi confused sports? No! But little choice is being given here when
someone is being a dictator sitting on high and spouting who can and
can't do what.
I never expected having to, so I am way behind doing so, but I am
working on a submission area within my site to place caches and have
them mapped. As for the name "Navicache" and "Navicaching" I will
make it clear here for any record that You can print it on toilet
paper for all I care. I am not here to make money on the site (though
getting back my meager server fee would be nice) and my shirts net me
a very fine 1.00 each (almost have that Vette paid for) so anyways I
consider anything within my site public. No matter what happens I
know in my heart that Ed Buxley got a bad shake from this and I think
the biggest reason why was Jeremy saw footsteps coming up and coming
up fast. Buxleys maps were what to many made the sport "state of the
art" and when Jeremy gave them the boot it was like trading in your
Harley for a Honda. I am not out to make enemy's here or anywhere for
that matter, But I don't like someone telling me I can't use someone
else's creation. Thanks again for hawling your butt's through my