"John A. Perry" <>
Sent: 6/3/2001 12:59:29 PM

My first few adventures in geocaching

My startup in the geocaching hobby has been less than stellar.
Last weekend I went to look for a geocache site, it started pouring down
rain as soon as I pulled into the park parking lot. I went out again this
morning. Believe it or not, it started raining as soon as I got to the
park! Clear skies at my house 5 miles away! Anyway, I went back home and
watched the weather. I went out about 11AM to try it again. I got to the
park and it was still sunny. After tromping down some nature trails for
about an hour, the GPS is now telling me I'm within 100 ft of my target.
Low and behold, it starts pouring down rain again! I looked for the cache
in the rain for about 20 minutes but the visibility and the fact I wear
glasses made it almost imposible. I live in the Houston, TX area. This
summer when we are on water rationing, I think I'll take out the GPS to
make it rain. Better yet, I'll buy a telescope! :)

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