Sent: 6/4/2001 9:38:30 AM

Warning to Geocachers !

I know my comments are mostly ignored and sometimes censored, but I
feel the need to post a warning to all geocachers and publishers of
geocaches. I am sorry I wasn't more adamant with my warnings in the
past, but then I have just put geocaching out of my mind for almost a
year now.

Geocaching is a legally flawed game since it provides no means for
consent of property owners or ajacent property owners where geocaches
are placed. Ignoring the rights, feelings and privacy of property
owners is wrong.

Now that geocaching has become a commercial endeavor and corporate
greed, copyrights, trademarks, and legal threats are driving the
sport, the big losers in all this development are the property
owners. Even on public lands the law says that littering is not
permitted, as I said elsewhere many months ago there is no difference
in the eyes of the property owners/managers between littering and
geocaching. One person's geocaching is another person's geotrashing!

I expect that as geocaching grows some enterprising lawyer will see
the $light$ and institute a class action lawsuit between property
owners/mangers and geocache publishers, geocachers, and geocache
creators. Remember, that in this medium there is no secrecy and data
of geocache locations and visitor logs are fair game for lawyers to
use as evidence of harm.

To this end I have removed all the geocaches that I placed on the
planet and am in the process of removing the evidence of their
existance wherever possible.



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