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Re: Warning to Geocachers !

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> Geocaching is a legally flawed game since it provides no means for
> consent of property owners or ajacent property owners where
> are placed. Ignoring the rights, feelings and privacy of property
> owners is wrong.

I thought I replied to this, but it hasn't show up on the list, so
I'll try again. Geocaching is no different from hunting or fishing or
cross-country skiing in this regard. The way to combat this is
through education.

I'm working on a variant of geocaching that addresses some other
things that I view as weaknesses. I plan to eliminate the physical
caches and introduce some competition and teamwork. Let me know if
folk are interested and I'll explain further.

The one thing that I can't solve is the concern you raise. I don't
know how that can be solved by any sport that uses the entire surface
of the globe as its playing field!