Matt Stum <>
Sent: 6/4/2001 11:27:17 AM

Re: [gpsstash] Warning to Geocachers !

>Geocaching is a legally flawed game since it provides no means for
>consent of property owners or ajacent property owners where geocaches
>are placed. Ignoring the rights, feelings and privacy of property
>owners is wrong.

Hi Dave. I agree that there's a problem, but I disagree that there's
a fundamental flaw with your original idea. All we need to do is be
a bit more adamant about educating newcomers about the legalities
of placing caches. Place them on your own properly, or get the
land-owner's permission first. As well, we need to educate seekers
that they need to ask permission before entering private property, or
seek another route to the cache. There's no rule that says you must
walk a straight line.

Without this education, and it must be up-front in-your-face, I agree
that we're a giant lawsuit waiting to happen.