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Re: Digest Number 279

I'd just like to say I hit the APE #2 cache on Saturday (6/2) - we
were the fourth people there, and the cache was completely empty
save the log, camera and a survival kit someone had left there. I
was quite disappointed in Fox's "promotion".. The least I expected
was maybe a t-shirt or something - I mean, this is a MOVIE promotion.
Ahh well, I was happy to hear that Dave had gotten there first.

By the way, how many people on this list are in the Portland area?
I'm going to be putting up a web site soon, as well as placing a
10-cache puzzle in the next two weeks. The 10 caches will be put
up over a period of 20 days during June. I'd like to hear some
input :^)


--- In gpsstash@y..., "michelle dorman" wrote:
> Dave
> thanks for posting to the list. I as I am sure others as well was
> why you hadn't posted about your find on APE#2.
> I am also sitting her dumbfounded by the tweenteith century fox
deal. Why
> geocaching? and if geocaching why so little in the caches and so
> from what people have been posting? big fancy log books, one item,
and a
> coa... why would anyone try for the next ones if they are going to
go away
> empty handed if they are not #1?
> As for the geocaching term... how can anyone own the words
geocaching? it is
> an action verb, possibly an adjective. With the first admendment
how can
> you deny someone from using a word as an action verb? rolls eyes?
> talk about non-sense.
> I too love yahoo formerly egroups formerly onelist... 'cause I am
working on
> a non-fiction book.. and it gives a record of when I orginially
came up with
> various ideas, thoughts, concepts, etc.
> Shelly
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