"cache ninja" <>
Sent: 6/5/2001 4:36:44 PM

Re: [gpsstash] A new variant of geocaching

ok , my point was though that the name is sufficiently similar to geocaching
to be confused with it. w/the press, newbies, etc or who ever cares. i can
see them merging into one term that means the same thing
just makes "geodashing" seem liek second-rate/imitation geocaching, like an
offshoot-ripoff..i guess if its a variant sure, but if you wanted to
distinguish it on its own, my point was that geodashing is kinda bad IMHO..
or not, i dont care.

>cache_ninja, as for the name, I chose something different from geocaching
>it *wouldn't* be confused with the classic version. And as I say in the
>introduction, I have nothing against geocaching. It's a great game. I see
>this as a variant, not a new game altogether. I've created puzzle caches,
>racing caches, multi-stage caches. This is just one more concept. Those
>others were easier to fit into the geocaching structure than this one was.
>That's the only reason for the new Web site.
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