Matt Stum <>
Sent: 6/5/2001 3:55:30 PM

Re: [gpsstash] A new variant of geocaching

Not a flame.. just a constructive-criticism... :-)
The biggest flaw that comes to mind is that it's
based purely on the honor system, as it is currently
designed. While it would still be a "fun" game,
you would have to work out some form of verification
before it could be "serious competition". Do you
have any thoughts on that yet?

A description could be faked by pulling up maps and
overhead photos on Terra Server. A photo of the
GPS can be faked (most receivers can go into a
simulation mode).

It's a great start... very akin to a scavenger hunt.
Now, if the contest coordinator has already visited those
sites and knows exactly what they look like and requires
a photo taken in a specific direction at each waypoint then
it might be doable, especially at the local and regional levels.

Matt Stum