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RE: [gpsstash] A new variant of geocaching

Thats where I've been wanting to setup a Geocache where the cache is
actually locations of a couple of unpublished "real" caches that are in a 5
mile radius of the published one. Then people finding these unplublished
ones can add on to the chain (GeoChains?).

This becomes more challenging as you then have to have maps to find the best
routes to the next location. Or the chains could create a long hike.

Of course you could add in oreinteering or somesuch (make it more like
Letterboxing) where the coordinates actually put you to a point where you
have to sight out landmarks in the area and then move so many decimal points
in lat/long from the posted location to find the cache. This would (could)
help teach people more about their GPS units as they might have to change to
a different format of the coordinates to find the various "Steps" to get to
the goal (whether it be a real cache or virtual).

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And these flags are not littering the parks???????

To be honest, geocaching in itself is too easy once you are "there". Now
getting "there" is 3/4 of the fun.

Personally, ham radio transmitter hunting is a hell of a lot more

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> The hunt organizer in advance goes to certain waypoints (lets say
> 10 of them
> within an area) and plants a ribbon, flag, etc. which will be
> recognized by
> the hunters. At this location are the coordinates for the next
> check point
> (flag) to be found. The multiple flags (enough for all
> participants) could
> be taken as proof of finding the site or perhaps a log signed or even 10
> people stationed at the flag sites to log them in with times.
> Winners could be those finding the most flags, with the minimal amount
> time, but that which does not go below a speed limit minimum.
> (Some sort of

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