Randy Hall <>
Sent: 6/5/2001 6:49:41 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Digest Number 282

> Geocaching is a legally flawed game since it provides no means for
> consent of property owners or ajacent property owners where geocaches
> are placed. Ignoring the rights, feelings and privacy of property
> owners is wrong.

I suggested to Jeremy Irish/Grounded Inc. that a checkbox be added to
his database to indicate if the hider had received written permission.
This would allow hunters who care about such issues to have peace of
mind (though you would not know if the hider was lying of course, you
would expect his or her liability risk to increase if they were).

I did not see a response, nor do I know if the feature was added, not
to say that neither occurred. Perhaps this can be a feature of the
new web site.

I think this issue will only balloon out of control as the thing
gets bigger with its relentless promotion, as resentful landowners
and idealistic Greens, rightly or wrongly, take umbrage at the whole
thing for revenue being made on their turf without compensation.

I could even see these groups (legally, I might add) organizing
themselves to remove the geocaches to combat the problem. The game
really depends on the goodwill of _everyone_ in the community.

In separate news, I see the name was registered in
April (IIRC). I wonder if the registrant is on this list, and what
his plans are.