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Re: [gpsstash] A new variant of geocaching

This is no different than going to the park for a badmitten game. You take your
equipment, use it, and take it back home.

gary wrote:

> And these flags are not littering the parks???????
> To be honest, geocaching in itself is too easy once you are "there". Now
> getting "there" is 3/4 of the fun.
> Personally, ham radio transmitter hunting is a hell of a lot more difficult.
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> >
> > The hunt organizer in advance goes to certain waypoints (lets say
> > 10 of them
> > within an area) and plants a ribbon, flag, etc. which will be
> > recognized by
> > the hunters. At this location are the coordinates for the next
> > check point
> > (flag) to be found. The multiple flags (enough for all
> > participants) could
> > be taken as proof of finding the site or perhaps a log signed or even 10
> > people stationed at the flag sites to log them in with times.
> >
> > Winners could be those finding the most flags, with the minimal amount of
> > time, but that which does not go below a speed limit minimum.
> > (Some sort of
> >
> >

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