"GC Scout" <>
Sent: 6/6/2001 2:06:34 PM

[gpsstash] what's lost by legitimizing geocaching

From: Terry Dunlap
>Actually there is another aspect that I haven't seen discussed...
>the whole covert thing. Hide a cache that won't be found by the
>unwary and find a cache without being seen. I find that very
>enticing. If and when this sport/game/hobby is "legitimized" by
>official organizations, etc. it will have lost something in my

I haven't heard that point of view expressed before.

If I understand correctly, you are saying that part of the attraction of
geocaching is its hint of illegitimacy, its borderline illegality.
Kind of like when you were a kid and might sneak into the neighbor's yard at
night to pick an apple. Not something that's all that bad, but not something
you would want revealed, either.

I think that's going to be another fault line. I would guess that a lot of
geocachers would never condone even the hint of illegality.
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