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RE: [gpsstash] Re: A new variant of geocaching

There are all sorts of numbered "things" in parks, such as markers for fire
roads, water tank ID's, etc. I suppose you could make a riddle where you had
to visit all the sites, find the number, then enter the numbers from various
sites into a webpage in sequence. Still, it sounds kind of lame. Half the
fun is looking at the junk in the stash. I've worked hard looking for weird
stuff to put in stashes. For instance, I came across some Star Trek Voyager
bandages at McFrugals. I got a model Razor scooter (pocket size) at Fry's
Electronics with (oh boy) real moving wheels. Now wouldn't you climb a hill,
risking poison oak and ticks, to get such treasure?

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> What about linking in the use of a compass for taking pictures on a
> particular bearing. Or maybe the contest coordinator uses a topo,
> draws a connect the dots picture of a clue to solve a riddle. The
> contestants follow the route, get a picture drawn onto their display
> and then solve the puzzle. I think there is a way to work puzzles
> into the game to make it a little more difficult than just following
> the GPS from point to point.
> -Toby