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Re: [gpsstash] Digest Number 284

> OK, I was feeling a bit like the honorable William Jefferson Clinton for a
> minute there, i.e. wrongly accused.
> That message came from

Sorry if I said something wrong. I did not think the fact that
Grounded Inc. was making revenue from the game was in dispute,
although technically this is speculative from my point of view.

Sources possibly include one or more of the following -- commissions
on the sale of gps receivers, web advertising, licensing deals, and

That wasn't the point. As long as its legal, they can collect as
much revenue as they want to offset costs of operating the site,
pay salaries, make a buck, etc, for all I care. I'm a capitalist.
If Jeremy can quit his day job, good for him. The point was that
the business model requires the goodwill of land owners and land
managers (as well as everyone else) to work, and they should
possibly be asked.

Moreover, it would be nice to know that a cache I am hunting has
the good graces of the land owner or manager before going out.
Caches _have_ required trespass to find, without warning, and I
would not want a landowner coming at me with a shotgun or a ranger
coming at me with a citation because I did not know what was going on.
I do not think this is difficult to understand, nor unreasonable.
Sorry if my first post wasn't clearer.

Perhaps it is on me to find these details out before hunting. However,
if 20 people hunt a cache, 20 people have to do this work. If the
hunter does the work, and provides it as a checkbox with the cache,
then one person has to do the work, and more goodwill is fostered up
front. I think in the long run, this will be necessary, as more land
owners hear about trespass and more rangers hear about caches in sensitive

And I'm sure if you wanted to play badminton at an off-trail location
at a park, you would have to get permission from the rangers. Sport
orienteering and rogaining, sports which place "flags in the park" for
people to hunt (sometimes with GPS receivers in some variants of
rogaining), without fail require written permission from the landowner to