Sent: 6/7/2001 6:46:30 AM

Re: what's lost by legitimizing geocaching

Causually walk thru the park, glance at your 007 spy sized GPS,
onlookers could be the KGB trying to determine the location of your
"dead drop".

Hey, I am into that, BUT some caches are hidden so well without adequate
clues that we end up tearing up a small area looking like goofballs and
then passing people become suspicious of the guy looking behind all the
rocks in the park -- advertising that there is something hidden around

David Routh

> From: Terry Dunlap
> I'm not condoning anything illegal.....I wouldn't be doing it
> if it was illegal. I'm too old to fool around with stunts that
> could get me arrested.
> It's the whole idea that we are doing something (hiding or searching)
> that the rest of people in the park or on the trail have no clue
> is going on.