"Neil R. Ormos" <>
Sent: 6/7/2001 11:59:48 AM

Vilifying Irish (Was: GEOCACHING Trademark application by Grounded Inc.)

On Thu, 7 Jun 2001, Jeremy Hurst wrote:

> Interesting... Well if Jeremy Irish knew what was good for
> the sport he wouldn't be trade-marking 'geocaching'.

> Looks like he has one thing in mind. I'm glad I'll be
> launching my own totally free site, but I am concerned
> that if he manages to register 'geocaching' that I cannot
> use that word in my company name. Ah... that's right, I'm
> based in Australia, America trademarks mean nothing over
> here. :)

> 1x to the real geocachers, 0x to Jeremy Irish.

I don't see the point in attempting to vilify Mr. Irish.
Although I disagree with him on a number of points, the fact
remains that he has created an excellent web site that is
both very attractive and highly functional, and that
provides great service to the majority of the participants
in the geocaching hobby. He has also gone to great lengths
to promote the hobby in the media. I lack personal
knowledge of his motives and won't speculate on them. I
will however note that so far, he has permitted access to
the web site at no charge.

As for the reported application seeking a federal trademark
registration in the United States, apparently no
registration has yet issued and the application may even be
abandoned. I have heard of no instances where Mr. Irish has
complained about or threatened action against anyone for
trademark infringement. No one but Jeremy knows what his
motivation was for seeking trademark protection, but there
are as many possible altruistic explanations as there are
nefarious ones. For just one example, a properly policed
trademark could be quite beneficial in protecting the hobby
against commercial squatters seeking to undeservedly
appropriate for themselves various proprietary rights.

If I had a "pipeline to the truth", as some posters here
seem to think they have, I'm sure I'd be far too occupied
placing winning bets on stocks or horses to post here.

Ordinarily I wouldn't bother to defend Mr. Irish (he can do
that himself), but I feel this attack is unjustified and
Irish has stated he won't be participating here.