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Sent: 6/8/2001 11:13:28 AM

Re: [gpsstash] Re: Vilifying Irish (Was: GEOCACHING Trademark application by Grounded Inc.)

>But the likelihood of this is slim. Grounded Inc has made one >concession
>in agreeing to give cache submitters a checkbox to indicate >that they want
>their cache to be available for other sites to use, for >example, in
>Buxley's maps. For various reasons, I expect only a >minority of caches
>will ever be released by Grounded Inc in this way.

it should be noted that a great number of people have expressed(in the
forums and such) that they would like their caches to _only_ be listed on

ie many people would probably not want to post their cache info to a public
database bcuase they dont like the idea that they can't forsee where it will
wind up/what people will do with it. many people are especially annoyed at
the prospect of commercial venture using them. this all kinda jives with
the reasons jeremy claimed he was trying to protect, or whatnot, cache info
from "data mining" or whatever...i.e. his assertions for doing so are not
without merit, especially since _many_ people have expressed that they do
not want their cache info as public...others who do, are free to do so/post
them elsewhere at this point...

for a public database to work/attact people i think there would need to be
some guidelines/caveats concerning what the cache info can be used for,
which really makes things more complicated. who would bother to enforce
those guidelines anyway.

i think the only way to set up an "alternative" at this point is to do just
that, create a url, so people know what you are going to do with the info.
perhaps people wil lsubmit caches there as well..but yeah, its redundant and
make things out of date/sync. so i dunno...

my main point is that it really doesnt have as much to do with info being
"released" by, like you claim, as it has to do with the
desire to have one's caches posted somewhere else, which is lacking at this
point..the checkbox is most likely an action that was requested by many
people-jeremy would get much grief if people suddenly found their caches
listed elsewhere, so he's giving them an option...if you all feel strongly
enough about this, i suggest you make the alternative database very
attractive somehow...

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