"GC Scout" <>
Sent: 6/8/2001 12:23:01 PM

[gpsstash] Re: Vilifying Irish (Was: GEOCACHING Trademark application by Grounded Inc.)

From: "cache ninja"
>it should be noted that a great number of people have expressed(in the
>forums and such) that they would like their caches to _only_ be listed on

Yes, that is one reason why I don't think a public domain database will ever
be comprehensive.

>many people are especially annoyed at
>the prospect of commercial venture using them.

It should be pointed out that Grounded Inc *is* a commercial venture. It has
never claimed to be a non-profit organization. Other people are especially
annoyed that cache data has been collected without this being especially
pointed out.

>jeremy would get much grief if people suddenly found their caches
>listed elsewhere

What triggered Jeremy's grief was that people suddenly found their caches
*NOT* listed elsewhere. Specifically, on Buxley's great maps. Everyone
praised those maps until Grounded Inc threatened legal action to remove

>i think the only way to set up an "alternative" at this point
>is to do just that, create a url, so people know what you are going to do
>with the info. perhaps people will submit caches there as well..but yeah,
>its redundant and
>make things out of date/sync. so i dunno...

I agree entirely. The only way to get a public database is to set one up. If
enough people submit caches to it, eventually others will recognize the
undesirability of having competing databases. At that point, hopefully,
everyone will recognize the best solution is to share cache data. Then, the
different sites can compete with each other on features, not on data, which
was all created and submitted by the hobbyists anyway, not the Web site
owners. It's an unfortunate method to achieve a good end, but sometimes the
free enterprise system works that way.
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