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Sent: 6/8/2001 10:46:25 AM

[gpsstash] Re: Vilifying Irish (Was: GEOCACHING Trademark application by Grounded Inc.)

From: "Neil R. Ormos"
>Your message quoted above was the first I've heard of your
>incident, but perhaps it has been mentioned earlier and I
>just missed it.

It has been reported before that Grounded Inc demanded that
remove the word geocaching from its tag line on its Web site. You just
missed it.

>As to the Buxley maps, I thought that
>dispute related to copyright and data extraction issues; I'm
>not aware of any threats there regarding trademark rights,
>but perhaps my attention lapsed there too.

You are correct on this point. Grounded Inc made a claim of copyright to the
geographical coordinates on its Web site. I don't know what legal basis
Grounded Inc claimed when it made demands of Grounded Inc
seems to have recognized that a data copyright is legally bogus, because it
has recently evolved its claims away from copyright and towards the implied
contract of its terms of service documented on its "Disclaimer" page.

>As an aside, I think the hobby would be well served if
>interested parties would agree on a standard data definition
>for cache information, and someone would create and maintain
>a public-domain database that anyone could link to or
>extract, in order to present or use the data in any way they
>saw fit.

I, too, think the hobby would be well served by this. The different sites
could complement each other, or if there are divergent ideas of the best way
to present the hobby, they could compete on features, rather than data,
which is all created by the hobbyists anyway, not the site owners. Such
openness would speed the creation of new features, for example, Buxley's
great maps.

But the likelihood of this is slim. Grounded Inc has made one concession in
agreeing to give cache submitters a checkbox to indicate that they want
their cache to be available for other sites to use, for example, in Buxley's
maps. For various reasons, I expect only a minority of caches will ever be
released by Grounded Inc in this way.

P.S. Buxley's maps are still up and running. Cross your fingers.
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