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Sent: 6/9/2001 9:46:00 AM

[gpsstash] Another (redundant) message about the database complaints ...

From: "Edward Bynum"
>As the OWNER of the computer on which the database is stored,
>and the OWNER (or RENTER I suppose) of the bandwidth
>across which the data is transferred, Jeremy has FULL rights
>to control what CAN and CAN NOT be downloaded from his site.

One way that he can exercise such control is by turning his computer OFF.
Another way he can exercise control is by contract. He can define terms of
use that forbid reuse of the data (which he has now done).

But one way that he CANNOT prevent reuse is by claiming copyright on the
data. The law does not permit that. See FEIST PUBLICATIONS, INC. v. RURAL
TEL. SERVICE CO., 499 U.S. 340 (1991).

None of this implies whether Grounded Inc is doing a good or bad thing. It's
only a discussion of what its legal rights are and are not. Disclaimer: I am
not a lawyer. Your interpretation of the law may differ from mine.

P.S. To gln4: I'm sorry if you find the discussions of the business issues
of geocaching to be uninteresting. I find them interesting. To each his own.
That's what so good about this hobby.
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