Sent: 7/13/2001 11:00:14 AM

Geocaching on TV in the DC area

On Tuesday, my family and I met up with a reporter and cameraman to go
geocaching. We went to the Mt. Airy cache:

We had a great time. The spot is supposed to air on July 24th on DC's Fox 5
. Probably their 10 o'clock evening news. I'll
send out another notice when I know for sure. The reporter, Beth Parker,
wanted us to pick a cache we hadn't been to before, so we looked through the
geocaching site and picked one that was reasonably close. We did manage to
find the cache, something I was a little worried about. We took some beads
and left a harmonica.

We spent a long time interviewing. I tried to give a full overview of the
sport - all the way from Dave Ulmer's beginnings. (Dave, BTW, she may be
trying to contact you. I told her that you had some concerns about the
sport - feel free to vent. :) ) I did get in some info about some places
banning the sport and how I thought that might be appropriate for some
places, but certainly not the majority.

We covered everything, from how a GPS works, to how I got started doing it,
to the influence of the internet, to responsible caching. (Just as we got
to the cache, I realized we forgot a trash bag. I did talk about 'cache in,
trash out', though.). I have no idea how much of all that will get put in
the piece. It was my first TV interview, so I'll probably look pretty

Anyway, it was lots of fun. Felt sorry for the cameraman having to lug the
40 pound camera around. He was in shape, though!

Catch you guys out caching.

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