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Sent: 7/14/2001 10:22:05 AM
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Cache Idea

I've been collecting all the little things I've been taking out of people's
caches, and saving them. I'm going to keep them all together until I get
enough to make a new cache out of them all. I've been looking for new ideas
as far as what I should put into a cache, and I think this will be kind of
cool. A cache of caches, in a way.

I was planning on labeling each item, with the name of the cache on each
item. I've heard of people making traveling items, but this would be a bit
different. I was just curious what you all thought, and if you had any
other really unusual ideas for a cache (maybe a theme to it, or something
like that). I'm also bored at work, so I'm writing lots of email =)