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Re: [gpsstash] Opinions on best container(s)

Another idea would be to make up some little stickers with on them and a serial number. The stickers could be
unobtrusively stuck to the location and the serial number could be the
password. (Like the equipment asset tags many companies use.)

>>> 07/13/01 10:11AM >>>
GC Scout wrote:

> So, I've been experimenting with virtual caches. So far, these
> haven't been as popular as physical caches ("treasure"), but I have to
> that we just haven't hit on the right recipe yet.

How about a utility pole with it's own serial number put on by the
utility or
create a serial number "dog tag" and hang it from something in the
field. Then
use the serial number itself as a "pass code" to gain access to log the
under the comments field of the web site where cache is described.

In other words, you need to know the pass code to prove you were there.

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