Sent: 7/25/2001 7:20:39 PM

Reno / Tahoe

Well we had a great time in NV. I like Tahoe better than Reno, sorry
Reno. The lake and mountains are unreal. Well on the first trip to
cache our second day there I almost broke my knee. I was walking the
trail, had a camera in one hand and the GPS in the other. Watching
the pointer on the GPS I stepped on a rock covered in sand. Next
thing I knew I was on the way down trying not to fall. I managed to
save the camera and GPS but landed knee first on another rock. HOLY
@#*&% Batman! I had to stop for about 15 minutes to catch my breath,
7300' there isn't much to breath up there when you live at 250'. Any
way we found it and 4 more during the week. Only wished we could
found the other 5 I had planned to look for. One neat thing is to
take the GPS up in the plane. Want to know how high you are? We
40,010' want to know how fast you are going? we were going 455mph.
Just a thought for you flyers. We had great fun!!!