Sent: 7/2/2001 10:07:33 PM

National News Coverage.

While we are all speaking of news covergae lately, let me make it a
point that if you do a story with a crew from the media, make sure
you point out the fact that this is more than just a sport to trample
around the woods. Make it clear that you also wish to do your best to
help clean the area that a cache may be by taking out trash you see
along the way. Also make note that you intend on removing your cache
if you notice or are told that paths are being seen going to a
certain area. It is Important that you get out the word to the parks
people and the nature loves (which we all are) that we are not out to
destroy. I just finished a story today with a news crew that flew in
here from NYC and spent five hours with me and my family. You will be
able to see this on ABC this friday with Peter Jennings. Here is a
link to the pictures page of my site showing the news crew. I made it clear to them that
placing a single cache container that is hidden from view by the
general public is a very fair trade off for the dozens of cans, cups,
papers, and old spare tires I remove from the park area while placing
and looking for Caches.