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Sent: 7/30/2001 9:39:53 PM
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Hey Guys!

Well, I finally have enough items taken from other caches to build my "cache
of caches". Corny name, cornier idea, I know, but I have to find something
to do with the little nerf footballs and kiddie binoculars I have that I'll
never use =)

Anyway, I want to do a multiple leg cache. I want to send the cache hunter
on a journey...on a hike so tough, it will bring them to their knees and 5
stars won't even BEGIN to describe it, MU-WAH-HA-HA-HA!!!! Whoa...hold on a
sec, need to slap myself....*whap*....

Okay. Seriously though. I only have one, actual GPS Stash container, but I
still want to do a multiple leg cache. Someone from Wisconsin used little
tags, and on those tags were the coordinates to the next tag, and finally,
they found the coordinates to the last cache, which is what I want to do as
I only have one cache container yet I want to send someone on a cool hike.

So my question (FINALLY!) is this...what is the best way to go about placing
a multi-cache? Do I mark off the co-ords on TopoZone, and then go hide the
caches/clues? Or do I go and hide everything, recording the waypoints on
the GPS, and then go backtrack and write the co-ords on each clue?

If you've done a multi-cache, and have a good way of going about it, let me
know. I've never done one before, and I want to make it good =)