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Re: [gpsstash] Anyone else notice a decline in log activity?

could be, but around here HEAT has ben the problem. near 100 deg days with high humidity keeps all but the most determined indoors.


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Subject: Re: [gpsstash] Anyone else notice a decline in log activity?

I have placed 3 in my area which is nestled in the Rocky Mts. The sport still hasn't taken hold here (maybe 4-5 other local cachers from what I can see) and at least one of my caches has never been found or even looked for. It is within a few miles of Yellowstone National Park near a beautiful water fall. What more does a geocacher need? Of the other two that have been found the majority of the finders have been from Utah where the sport took off like mad and even then I only have maybe 5 finds posted between the 2 other caches. As for trying to promote it a little here in the local papers I have sent them info and tried to get them to do an article to no avail. Our paper has a regular outdoor and a hunting and fishing section promoting hiking, fishing etc. Geocaching would offer the writers something to actually do that hasn't been beat to death already and they won't even respond. Don't ask me why.


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