Sent: 8/29/2001 11:14:07 AM

Sailing Geocachers

> It's a Holder 12, made by Hobie-Cat, but not a catamaran, just a regular
> fiberglass sailboat. It's OK for two people, but just meant for day trips
> on lakes, etc.

Hey! I had a Vagabond 17, which was later renamed to Holder 17 --- both
of ours were designed and originally built by Ron Holder.

> So how did you know I have a sailboat? Did I put it on a
> profile or mention it in a GPS log?

You mentioned you would rather be sailing or swimming in hot weather.

> I know I've seen your name on-line for several months, but I can't remember
> what part of the country you're from.

Houston TX
I am most famous for my pocket cruiser guide:

> We've done alittle geo-caching up here in Portland this last week. The
> latest had some funny turns due to a bad math formula, it took us on a wild
> goose chase. You might enjoy checking it out at Find Cache: Rose City.

> Let me know about your sailing interests, etc.

Are there many sailing geochers up there? Suprisingly very few down

Have you left any caches?