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Results: Geodashing Game 15

What is Geodashing? It is an 11 and a half hour hike by Jack Frickey up
to 11,637 feet in the California Sierras, "one of those 'beautiful beyond
description' places that 99% of the population can't come close to comprehending."

Game 15 of Geodashing was won by team Sundashers, their second victory in
a row. Team GPS finished in second place just behind Sundashers, helped
by a mad dash by BOB!! of over 1000 miles and 14 dashpoints on the last
day of the month. The Rabid Badgers finished third. Individual honors went
to Gordon Livingston and BOB!!, in a tie. Third place honors went to Dashing
Dog Mac and Dashing Dog's Mum, again in a tie.

Game 15 saw hunts in six countries (US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany,
and Peru), including the game's first ever dashpoint hunt in Peru and the
first ever visits to the US states of Minnesota and North Dakota. A sampling
of spots where Geodashing players found dashpoints:

in a churchyard in England

on a horse farm in Virginia

in the rolling green hills of the Yarra Glen and Lilydale Hunt Club in Australia

in New South Wales' Lake Cowal, now bone dry, the earth parched and brown

in the Virginia woods made famous by U.S. Grant's 1864 Wilderness Campaign

near a nuclear, biological and chemical decontamination training area in

in the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina

down a snowmobile trail in the woods of Nova Scotia

in the magnificent forest scenery of southern Germany

in a powder and sand desert in Pampa de Coyungo, Peru

in Minnesota, right on drainage divide for the Mississippi River and Great

at 11,637 feet on a remote ridge in the California Sierras

at 9,427 feet in Colorado's Pike National Forest in "stunningly beautiful
fall colors"

on the tram route through the Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland

a baked-dry cornfield on Maryland's Eastern Shore, victim of drought

just outside the ring of Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois

and across the street from the 7th tee of the Chuck Corica Golf Course in


Many dashpoints are just a half mile from heavily traveled routes, but what
a difference a half mile can make. GD15-AKIT is just a half mile east of
Interstate Highway 5 in Solana Beach, California. But it led AquaDyne to
witness a mass hot air balloon ascension for a sunset flight, then on past
"polo grounds, equestrian fields, golf courses and, of course, the obligatory
community of million-plus-dollar homes." In his wife's judgment, "Wow! I
never knew this stuff was out here! Funny how you can drive by so close
to this and never know it exists." Unless you happen to hunt dashpoints,
that is.


Done right, the Zen of Geodashing can lead to subtle truths, as hinted at
in the conversation Gordon Livingston had with one landowner:

Player: "I just needed to get to a geographical point in your cornfield."

Farmer: "What do you get for going there?"
Player: "Three points. It's a game."
Farmer: "Sounds meaningless."
Player: "Don't you find that most human activity is utter folly?"
Farmer: (Pause) "You're right about that."
Player: "There you go. Thanks for letting me walk in your cornfield."
Farmer: "Don't mention it."


About Geodashing: Geodashing is a game in which players use GPS receivers
on a playing field that covers the entire planet. The waypoints, or dashpoints,
to be reached are randomly selected. The win goes to who can get to the
most dashpoints; that is, if you can get to them at all! Each game has a
new set of dashpoints making each game different and unpredictable. For
more information and to play, visit .