"Scout" <>
Sent: 11/13/2002 8:59:35 AM

Re: Buxleys maps just got even better

Sabaharr wrote:
> Scout, I really like the concept of these maps but I have
> noticed that in my area (New Orleans) the maps do not show
> all of the caches hidden here. In particular several of mine
> do not show up. Ole Grey Beard for one is not there and a few
> others.

Please check again. I can find Ole Grey Beard on both the Louisiana
map, the detailed New Orleans map and in the list of 50 most recent
caches under the New Orleans map.

But, in general, the answer to your question is that Buxley's ability
to keep his maps up to date is hampered by the fact that does
not cooperate. So, if you see errors in Buxley's maps, please contact
him at the email address given on his Web site ( ). He'll promptly correct any