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RE: [gpsstash] Garmin Rhino's

I hike with at least one other partner most of the time, but we are
never far enough apart to really warrant using radios. I think Garmin
already makes a GPS cell phone, but considering most of the places I
take my GPS a cell phone would be completely pointless =)

As far as price goes I'm not too sure...I was trying to dig some of that
up actually. I doubt I'd ever buy them, I just they were kind of cool
from a "ooooh, cool toy" perspective.

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Subject: Re: [gpsstash] Garmin Rhino's

>Seems like a pretty cool (buy expensive) toy.

How expensive are they? I'm usually out by myself so don't really have a
need to talk to anyone nearby. A GPS+cellphone would be more useful i'd


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