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Seems like there's a new variant on geocashing/geodashing just waiting to be
brought to life here. Let's see, you get the location of the other person
on your Rino, so you can chase them, but they can also 'see' you coming.
But they could hide in a non-satellite-viewable spot, so you could work off
their last location. (Kind of like walking in a stream to throw the dogs
off your scent.) Hmm, seems like there's the kernel of an idea there.

Anywat, we always carry a pair of walkie-talkies with us when we cache.
There's been more than once when we've had to separate. Notably, one time I
had to cross a stream that there really wasn't a way for the 3-year old to
cross. Far too cold to take the chance on him falling in. I can see the
advantages of having it all-in-one, though, especially with it telling you
the other person's location. Especially helpful on ski-trips. If one of
you goes off-trail, it's much easier to hook back up, I imagine, although
walkie-talkies or even cell phones would probably work just fine.

Hmm, back to my idea of some new kind of game. Maybe I'll sleep on it.


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NRO> Might be useful if, for example, a family were visiting a
NRO> large park or festival and the kids wanted to do one thing
NRO> and the parents wanted to do another.

Very useful for backpackers or cyclists who travel at different paces.
Or, for packers who go into an area on different dates and don't want
to be locked to a specific meeting place (or just want to know how far
away the other party is).