Eric O'Connor <>
Sent: 1/1/2002 1:43:35 AM

[gpsstash] My last hunt of the year

Randy Hall once wrote:

>I find it ironic that there is way more discussion on this list about
>where to discuss geocaching than discussions on geocaching itself :-)

Point taken.
Story offered.

I woke up early after going to bed late.
I was dog tired but I'd scheduled a get together with a fellow
geocacher who lives about 25 miles South of me.

I don't usually head in that direction so traffic patterns were a
complete mystery to me, but everything seemed to be falling into

After a solid week of rain the sun had reared it's head.
No traffic was there to congest the road.
The greasy spoon we wound up at had a perky waitress with, and the food was quick and decent.

We had decided to seek caches located in a park that was about an hour
East from either of us. Close enough for a casual trip but far enough
to seem worthwhile for a solo.

Like I said earlier, the rain had just stopped so the trails were
slick with mud. I still find it hard to believe that neither of us had
any spectacular falls since we were constantly having to catch our

The first cache was only about a half mile from parking.
Naturally it was uphill and a steep hill at that.

The fog masked any view of the surroundings during the hike up the
hill, but at about the time we found the cache, the surrounding
hilltops started to emerge like little green shark fins on a sea of

I dropped off one my custom "Geocacher Choberiba was here" ballpoint
pens after signing the log with it, then continued upward and over the
hill for another half mile jaunt.

Between the leafless scrub oaks allowing for great reception, and the
emerald green moss highlighting the rocks, I was enthralled at the

We found the next cache in good order and I decided to leave a
California Lotto ticket in addition to the pen. It only cost me a buck
to buy, and if in the off chance someone else gets wealthy, so much
the better.

The final cache offered very little challenge to find, but the
tell-tell markings of a recent keister-to-grass interface had me
wondering just who it was that received a non-consentual soil sample.

All in all it was a good day. Even the bull in the pasture was content
eating grass rather than giving two geocachers a sprint for their
lives. We even successfully leapt across a stream between two slippery

I'm hoping that all my caching in the next year will be as fun as
today. I'm hoping yours will be too.

Choberiba / Eric O'Connor