"$1000bill" <>
Sent: 1/25/2002 7:05:15 PM

Re: [gpsstash] GPS/FRS Unit

I down loaded the manual for the Gmrs/GPS unit and it's list of features
wasn't very clear as to its real potential. It says it records 5 tracks but
doesn't say how many points per track can be saved. Other features are
similarly not defined very well. It says it receives signals from 8
satelites, so it isn't a 12 parallel channel receiver either. I'm not sure
just how much that would reduce precision. Also there is no info on expected
battery life. Of coarse that would depend on radio usage as well as GPS use.

>Looks like Audiovox has beaten Garmin to market. Audiovox offers a
>GMRS/GPS unit. The local (Sacramento, CA) Fry's insert in today's
>paper shows the price as $189. The GPS is 8 channel only. See more