Eric O'Connor <>
Sent: 1/2/2002 1:39:53 PM

[gpsstash] Stick a fork in it already.

Submitted this very A.M.

CHARTER: alt.rec.geocaching

Topics of discussion include....
What is allowed by the Bureau of Land Management and National Park
Service? Agencies of this type for other nations shall also be a
welcome topic of concern.
What makes for an interesting cache?
What to place inside a cache?
How to go about seeking caches in a safe manner?
What adventures have you had?
Which GPS units work best for this purpose?
Those who partake in Letterbox hunting, orienteering, geodashing, and
those involved in the confluence project are very much welcome to
participate, this charter is open to modification to be more inclusive
of subjects that they find of interest. The caveat being that these
topics should pertain to the recreation of finding something somewhere

The primary language of alt.rec.geocaching shall be English.
Other languages welcomed until such date that a group in their
respective language is needed/created.

The group will unmoderated, however off-topic posting will be
discouraged. Flaming and overzealous use of profanity will also be
discouraged. Commercial posting if identified as such by using the
word "ad" between brackets, ie..[ad], and extremely limited in number
will be tolerated if they pertain to the needs of the community.
Software, GPS receivers, and anything pertaining to the hobby
including hiking/camping gear being acceptable examples.
Advertisements for porn, MLM, will never be welcome.