Eric O'Connor <>
Sent: 1/2/2002 10:34:53 AM

[gpsstash] alt.rec.stashing?

Eoghan asked:

>How about alt.rec.stashing?

We'd exclude the confluence folk.
The dashers as well, but the letterheads would still fit.

Fiddlestix, I'm not sure where to draw the line here.

Part of me says "screw-em" and wants alt.rec.geocaching.

There is this other part who'd like to swap stories with people who
may have a decade or more experience with hiding boxes in bushes.

Those folks who go to a spot knowing full well that they'll just be
snapping photos, why you never know what a mindset like that is
capable of. I'd like to keep them out in the open where we can keep
an eye on them.

Please apply tongue/cheek interface where appropriate.

Oh, and since I own the domain, I've been avoiding in
all my examples the use of the term "stash", since I didn't want to
seem self promoting.

Not that promoting a mostly empty site would have much merit anyway.

Now, who's next with a geocaching story?