Randy Hall <>
Sent: 1/2/2002 7:11:24 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Re: Do we want a usenet group? (RFD)

> [...] it might attract people who are
> more interested in raiding caches for whatever might be
> valuable in them, instead of people more interested in the
> hunt itself or exchanging valuables.

As a member of the "metal detector crowd", I can say that
I don't believe this concern would be a problem in practice.
The "MDC" is not a group of mindless "raiders", but if they
were, they obviously would not be pillaging geocaches for their
"valuables". Besides, any treasure hunter worth his or her salt
already knows about geocaching, has already made an evaluation
as to whether raiding abandoned geocaches on public land is
worth the time and expense, and thus would not be affected by
such publicity. (And in all seriousness, this would only be a
problem if there were _two_ items of value in a geocache, or
if the finder arrived naked ... :-))

> I'm not sure it will be possible to come up with a sensible
> short name that would be attractive simultaneously to
> geocachers, letterboxers, and confluence hunters.

I thought that this was perhaps too obvious to state, but
another humble suggestion would be to let other groups decide
the name and hierarchy of their group(s) for themselves, if they
want such. Keep in mind that some geocachers do not want to
deal with stamp art, cryptic clues, and confluence points
without stuff at the end of the hunt, just as some letterboxers
don't want to deal with gps receivers, and some confluence hunters
don't want to deal with what they consider "litter".

(True that there are common issues that it makes sense for
everyone to look at together (liability and permission come to
mind), but experience has it that few of the participants are
particularily interested in these issues, and these sorts of
common issues merit their own charter, and this is not the
charter indicated for the group under discussion (AFAIK)).

In other words, some in each group would prolly consider alot
of stuff from the other groups off-topic (if it were posted to
their fora today, or unless such a group specifically had this
broad a charter). You need to come up with a hobby that is
attractive simultaneously to everyone before coming up
with a name that is attractive simultaneously to everyone.

I would thus vote for alt.rec.geocaching.