"Dostal, Jason J" <>
Sent: 1/4/2002 8:04:10 PM

Garmin Rocks

I've been playing w/ my new eTrex Vista for the past hour now and I was
going through the waypoint icons. I was surprised as all heck to see
that there are actually icons for "Geocache" and "Geocache Found". I
couldn't believe it.

It's cool to see that a company actually cares about their customers and
does little things like this to show that they love our business and
want to keep us happy.

I replaced my Magellan 315 for a Garmin GPS12 about 2 years ago and
really liked it. Now combining the awesome functionality of the Vista
along w/ little things like these icons, I'm even more of a Garmin fan
than before.

Just thought the list needed some newer about a "Which
GPS Is Best" flamewar :p