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It would appear so...

You would just have to get the right data cable for the eTrex. Sounds
like you had a fun time!

I know I'm going out hiking soon as I get all of these
waypoints into my new one out of my 12...wish I would have invested in a
data cable for the 12 =/

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So.... can I upgrade my little etrex? It is the smallest one at $119.95
I remember right.
I'll take an answer from anyone thank you very much.

I've been a subscriber for some time now..... just watching........

So I drove to AZ over the holidays and on the way
back........... a mountain called me and so I answered that call.
as close as possible down some rutted road and finding a nice spot to
my ride....

[waypoint 001 ELEV: 4666ft 12 S 0243993 - UTM 3892965]

I shouldered a pack and left a note on the dash. Back at dusk.
required four and a half hours of bushwhacking, as in no trail, to
the five to seven miles while gaining four thousand feet in elevation to

reach the summit, which was a large jutting rock that had to be climbed.

There was also about 8 to 10 inches of snow helping to protect the
approach. It was an awesome view!!!!!

[waypoint 002 ELEV: 7973ft 12 S 0238677 - UTM 3889651]

I tried to phone a friend with a cell and a sat phone. Could
get out with either. Kinda made me mad. All that tech hauled up there
no go dude! So I did what I could which included in part, placing my
initials on the back of a silver Hopi pendant, crafted by Steven
circa 2000, and putting a chip of granite in the pendant box, all for my

new girlfriend. ;-D

But the hour was now late and so after spending only twenty
minutes at the top I began the race with darkness. Having a different
perspective now from the top helped with choosing a different route for
return. I lost the race but enjoyed the full moon's light through the
cloud cover.
The light feature on my etrex worked perfectly and allowed me
navigate right back to my ride in the dark. Just over two hours later
a few tears in clothing, a nice row of cactus thorns in the left knee,
one, not two, but three major impacts on or about the left knee and
sore as hell!!!!!! I made it back to the truck and drove on home.
Now I figure...... not bad for a 46 year old!

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