"Dostal, Jason J" <>
Sent: 1/5/2002 10:32:53 AM

RE: [gpsstash] Garmin Rocks

>Which GPS is THE best?? I won't argue for the best but I've had a
>Globalmap 100 for two years now and have upgraded the software within
>their sight 4 times now. My son bought a new Vista as soon as they hit
>market. I think it is really nice also but my trusty old 100 regularly
>maintains a lock in heavy cover when the Vista doesn't. I am eagerly
>awaiting the still promised release of the new Lowrance unit.

Tough question...all depends on what you do with it. If you'll never go
into the woods with it, you're better off w/ a unit that focuses on
giving driving directions. If you only use them fishing, get a marine
unit. I go everywhere and do everything with mine, so I wanted one that
had a bunch of all around good features - good basemap, upgradeable map,
electronic compass, altimiter, so on and so forth. The Vista seems to
be kind of a "Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None (Possibly Many)".

But just have to play around to find the best. There is
no way I would recommend a first time Geocacher go out and get a massive
Garmin GPS V or a Meridian eTrex would do just fine. On
the other hand, an eTrex of today is massively more feature rich and
easier to use and more powerful than the consumer GPS units of say, 5
years ago.

Just my $.02 =)