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Sent: 2/13/2002 11:02:15 AM

Re: Special "do anywhere" geocaches

Buxley wrote:
> I just put together a page with links to all those special
> "do anywhere" caches. Some of these caches stretch the usual
> definition of a typical geocache, but I think they're fun
> anyway.

Nice addition to your site ( ).

And thanks for including my "Distance Caching 101" ( ),
which doesn't quite fit the mold of the others. It's had a handful of
finders, some who have hunted it on-site and some who have hunted it

I've recently added another geocache in a similar vein. The final
cache location for this one must be visited on-site, so it doesn't
quite qualify as a "do anywhere" geocache. But the puzzle that must
be solved to know where the final geocache is located can be "done
anywhere" and there's a photograph of the final geocache site
available online only for those who figure out the location. All in
all, it has much of the flavor of "Distance Caching 101." Anyway, if
you liked that one, check out "Secret of Connemara" ( ).