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Sent: 2/13/2002 2:54:26 AM

Re: updates!

Some of you have been e-mailing that you have gotten page errors in
certaqin types of brousers. We thank you for the feedback and wanted
to inform you that we believe we fixed the problem and all is well.
We continue to wish that you would kick the tires and let us know of
anything you find that might be a flaw or mishap. Taking care of two
things at the same time sometimes makes us blindsited such as fixing
and also planning and working on the other new features on the way.

--- In gpsstash@y..., "navicacher" wrote:
> We have updated all of our pages as well as Data base at
> to give Geocachers tons of new options for the way
> they get their Cache information. The best way for any of you to
> find out about all the new toys we added would be to just visit
> website and find out for yourselves, but to just give you a
> of some of the things we added I will post them here...
> We listened to what people were looking for and think we covered
> many of the idea's that rolled around.
> 1) We have added a "Spy" feature which will allow any member to
> track any Log reports and or cache page changes that are made.
> this happens you will recieve an e-mail with a link to that cache
> page showing you the report or changes made. You can also click
> the "Spy" Icon on any cache page to see the members name of the
> person watching a cache. This will contain an e-mail Icon with it
> the user wishes to have his e-mail known for question or comment
> purposes.
> 2)We are the first Geocaching website to offer a scoring system
> which gives points for finds based on the Terrain/ Difficulty of a
> cache. So if a Cache has a higher diff/terrain rating the points
> will also be higher. We also added a scoring system for those
> that prefer to hide caches versus finding them, the scoring is
> on the same level as finding a cache. We intend on having a
> Quarterly game where teams up to 4 members can compete for points,
> the winning team will be awarded prizes such as new GPSR's. This
> point system and competition is also for the single cacher acting
> alone.
> 3) Though very minor people asked for a way to track how many
> were found by a member, we added that! and went a step further and
> also added a tracking for how many a member has placed as well.
> 4) Map links were very important to many of you so we wanted to be
> certain we were giving out quality information based on those
> We still use "Topozone" for our topographical maps, but we have
> the correction error which many sites have passed on, thus when
> see a cache mark on the map you can be sure it is a correct
> mark. We also added a very nice sat image mapping link which will
> generate a pin mark on your cache location. You can also find a
> street guide link for local driving.
> Hours of very hard work from our Navicache crew went into making
> changes that would make caching funner for all. The new search
> methods added ( Home coordinate, Zip code) are both extremely
> accurate with any distance errors being corrected.
> We have added so many things I would be better of asking you to
> grab a cache page and click around. If you have caches submitted
> there is no problem submitting them on multi sites for the point
> system if you wish to get in on the fun.
> We are now working on finishing up the "Members Page" which will
> give all members complete control over Caches they submit, Logs
> personal Information.
> One other thing we added was a encryption section for a cache that
> when printed out generates a box grid so that you don't have to
> guess. Heres a link to a cache page for testing...
> .
> Your thoughts and comments are always welcome! Much-Much more to
> come!!
> Crew Navicache