Glenn Nash <>
Sent: 3/11/2002 9:33:03 PM

RE: [gpsstash] Re: All the latest nonsense

Well, I would hope that you dont pull them just yet. I still need to get out
to one or two of them. :-) And, i would have to agree. I just ignore a lot
of the whining.

St. Louis, Mo
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From: Daniel Frye []
Sent: Monday, March 11, 2002 6:53 AM
Subject: [gpsstash] Re: All the latest nonsense

You know, I got into geocaching pretty early. I was almost obsessed with it
for about six or seven months. I subscribed to all the lists and I checked
the website almost every day. Then, as more people got involved, the lists
started getting clogged with people who had nothing better to do than
complain about things. The website's not good enough! So-and-so isn't
doing things the right way! Very little of the discussions were about the
sport anymore, but were about other petty issues.

And that is when I began to lose interest. It wasn't very fun anymore as I
had to wade through all the crap to get to the occasional bit of useful
info. And it kept degrading.

Well, thanks to all you on this list who are partaking in this latest
"discussion", I have finally had enough. I am leaving the sport for good
and will be pulling my remaining stashes from their hiding spots.

Thanks for ruining what used to be a very fun and exciting sport. I hope
you continue to enjoy your complaining.


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